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Install Popify On Your Website

Quick tutorial on how to install Popify on your website in 2 minutes. 1 minutes read

On your dashboard you will find all your campaigns and a button "Create a campaign". Please click on this button to create your new campaign.


Campaign List


Fill in the name of your campaign and your domain name on which Popify will be installed.


Create Campaign


Complete the campaign creation by clicking on the "create" button.


Install Pixel


If you are a developer, copy and paste this into thetag of your site.

Otherwise, you can follow the installation tutorials for WordPress and Shopify.

Once the pixel is installed on your site, go to the campaign list and click on the campaign name you wish to configure.



You will arrive on your campaign page and you could consult the different notifications that have been created.

Click on the "Create Notification" button to create new one.



Give a name to the notification you want to create and choose the type of notification.

The preview is in the bottom right corner.


Create Notification


Let's take the example of a "Latest Conversions" notification, you can configure it as you wish.

Don't forget that this one is disabled by default, you can enable it by clicking on the button next to its name.



In the "Data" tab you will be able to add data that will be used in the notification you just created.


Last updated on: 27 June, 2020